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Hair Systems 101: Can You Sleep in a Toupee?

If you wear a hairpiece like a toupee, you may wonder whether you can sleep with it on. Tossing and turning all night or simply changing positions as you sleep can cause your toupee to look a little wild when you wake up in the morning. Thankfully, taking proper care of your hair system is […]

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How Are Toupees Attached?

Once you have found your perfect hair replacement piece, learning how to properly attach and remove it will help you look and feel your best. Whether you have a stock or custom hairpiece, we’re here to teach you the best bonding methods. Glue vs. Tape: The Best Toupee Adhesives The two types of adhesives you […]

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How Long Does a Men’s Toupee Last?

As you research the best hair replacement systems for you, toupees are likely one of the many options you’re considering. Since this hair system can give you the look of a natural full head of hair, it’s important to understand how long you can expect your toupee to last. There are several factors that can […]

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