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Hairpiece Adhesives: The Difference Between Glued-On and Taped-On Hairpieces

If you wish to own a hairpiece, you should be prepared to make it part of your morning routine. In addition to normal activities like brushing your teeth and changing your clothes, you have to take care of your replacement hair. That may include washing, brushing, and applying hair products – essentially, treating it as […]

Tips on Finding Great Natural Hairpieces for African-American Men

No matter your hair type, there is a hairpiece for you. This statement applies to men of any ethnicity, including African-American men, though sometimes you may feel excluded in the hairpiece marketplace. While there are popular businesses that offer African-American hairpieces, even these locations lack custom hairpieces that match your original style and personal preferences. […]

Which Hairpiece Is Right for Me?

Many people believe hairpieces are only a solution for issues related to hair follicles. While this is somewhat of a misconception, there is a kernel of truth to this notion. Numerous individuals indeed acquire crown hairpieces for thinning hair or other medical purposes. While some hairpieces are better for certain conditions than others, how do […]