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Hollywood Lace is privileged, honored, and grateful to have Rosa Deus "Rosa D" lead our Salon team at Hollywood Lace.

Rosa has been styling, attaching, and blending Hair Systems, Toupees, and Mens Hair Systems for over 18 years. She knows every trick in the book to make your Hair System look perfect. Rosa has taught Hair System, Hair Piece, and Toupee Cut In techniques to Hair Stylists all over the world.

Rosa's Three Keys To A Perfect Hair Sytem Cut-In

  1. Blending
  2. Hair Color
  3. Hair Styling


Many Hair Stylist solely use blending shears to blend a Hair System into a clients own hair. While these shears are a helpful tool, they will not achieve a perfect result by themselves. To integrate a Hair System into the clients own hair a Hair Stylist must and should use razor blending. The razor blending technique will make certain the Hair System blend perfectly with the clients own hair. Rosa is a Master Razor Barber and trains Stylists World Wide on Hair System hair blending.

Hair Color:

Perfect Hair color matching is vital to make sure the Hair System and Hair Piece looks perfect. When ordering a Hair System it is therefore strongly recommended to send in a hair sample to ensure the color is right on target. However, in some cases, clients may need to get a re-color to match their Hair System. Rosa is also recognized as a Hair Color expert. Therefore, if color is off somehow due to more or less gray, oxidation etc..."Rosa D" can fix the problem.

Hair Style:

Even with a perfect blend and color you still need a hair style that best compliments your facial structure and features. Rosa D is an expert at helping you find the Hair Style that will best suit and compliment your facial features. In addition, she will be employing a new tool that allows clients to view different Hair Styles before the cut in. Thus, together you can see what will look best before the cut-in.

If you ever have any questions or need help please don't hesitate to contact us directly at this e-mail address or phone toll free 954-505-7000.