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  • Hollywood Lace Offers The Lightest,

    Most Natural, Undetectable Hair Replacement Systems, Toupees & Hair Pieces For Men & Women

    in the World Today!
  • We Can

    Duplicate Your Current Hair System, Toupee, or Hair Piece Perfectly For Less Money

    , Or You Can Try One Of Our Recognized Custom Hair Systems Or Stock Hairpieces.
Photos and a Few Words From Our Clients
Photos & a Few words From Our Clients

satisfied hair replacement customers
Brand new to wearing a Mens Hair System. I saw other Hair Clubs advertising their Hair Systems on the internet. I am glad chose Hollywood Lace for my Custom Made Hair Replacement System. My Hairline is truly Natural.

Stephen L.  
Before & After
I got my Hair Direct from a company in China. Very Bad Toupee. Fortunately, I found Hollywood Lace. They got me a great looking Hair System. If you are looking for the best quality Hair Piece For Men I highly recommend Hollywoodlace.com.

Tony G.  
Before & After
HollywoodLace, thank you for a truly great Custom Hair System, Toupee, Hair Piece or whatever you want to call it. I am so glad my wife found your website. A great Quality Custom Hair System and perfect hairline. Best Hair System I have Worn.

Scott S.  
Before & After
I am so grateful for what Hollywood Lace Hair Systems has done for my esteem, career, and personal life. Say goodbye to wearing a toupee and say hello to wearing one of the world's best Men's Hair Systems. Check out my Stock Hair System Video.

Brian M. 
Before & After
Thanks for the best Hair Systems I have ever worn. I have been wearing a Hair Replacement System for over 18 years. I have been getting my Hair Direct from Hollywood Lace Hair for the past 10 years. They have the best quality Mens Hair Systems. Period.

Mike P. 
Before & After
I have ordered my Hair Direct from other internet companies. My Hollywood Lace Hair Systems are far better in quality then any other Toupee company. If you want a Hair System with a truly natural Hairline I recommend HollywoodLace. I order both Stock & Custom Hairpieces from them.

Chris C.  
Before & After
Hollywood Lace you are a savior. My Hair Piece tore & was in a pickle. You overnighted me a Stock Toupee & got my Custom Hair System Delivered to me in just 3 weeks! Thank you again. I would highly recommend your Hair Replacement Company.

Jose T. 
Before & After
I have tried most of the internet companies such as Hair Direct & Hair Club like The Hair Club For Men. By far Hollywood Lace Hair Systems Are Better by a lot. Their Thin Bio Skin Hair System is priced right, delivered quick, and Best Quality Skin Hair System.

Jeff A. 
Before & After
A Perfect hairline, soft human hair, perfectly bleached knots, & all around great Toupee/Hair System. They are better quality and less money then Hair Direct & others. I love you both Bio Thin Skin Hair Pieces and Your Super Fine Swiss Lace Hair Systems.

Gordon P. 
Before & After

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