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Hairpiece Adhesives: The Difference Between Glued-On and Taped-On Hairpieces

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If you wish to own a hairpiece, you should be prepared to make it part of your morning routine. In addition to normal activities like brushing your teeth and changing your clothes, you have to take care of your replacement hair. That may include washing, brushing, and applying hair products – essentially, treating it as you would with naturally-growing hair.

Everyone has their preferred methods for how they do this. With that said, hairpiece users are in a unique position that grants them the power to customize various aspects for their convenience. One is the simple act of putting on their toupees. There are two methods for this: gluing it on and taping it on. Here is some information on the difference between these hairpiece adhesives.

Wearing Glue-On Hairpieces

mens glue on hairpieces

Glue-on hairpieces, as their name suggests, are attached to your head with the application of glue. This solution is simple and effective, requiring little to keep the hairpiece in place. Plus, because it is all under the cap, the glue is not even visible.

As durable as they may be, lace hairpieces are still delicate in some regards. You should not apply your headpiece adhesive directly to the cap itself. Instead, you should rub some of the glue on your scalp first, then plant the men’s glue-on hairpiece on top. 

Additionally, some who use glue-on hairpieces find them so comfortable that they consider just leaving them on for extended periods. This is not recommended. Without a break, the glue may seep through the cap and into the hair. Leave it on for a week at most. 

Using Hairpiece Tape

Alternatively, you could try using hairpiece tape for men. There are several ways you could approach this. The tape could simply circle the scalp on the perimeter of the cap, or run down the middle from back to the forehead. If you want, you can even use tape on some parts and glue on others. A little experimentation would not hurt – find out what makes you most comfortable.

Hairpiece adhesive tape is, by necessity, double-sided. You do not want to risk getting the tape stuck on to the hairpiece because removal could result in a tear on the base. One solution is to add some liner tape first, then place the actual hairpiece tape on top.

hairpiece tape for men

Note, that for new lace hairpieces, you may need to first wipe the underside of the cap with some nail polish remover or acetone. This gets rid of any conditioner that may have been applied in the factory, which would keep the tape from taking hold.

Find Tape-On or Glue-On Hairpieces Today

In the end, the difference is purely in the method and the proper care tips. Both types of hairpiece adhesive can be effective in keeping your hair in place. That is why Hollywood Lace provides clients with either option for their customized toupee requests. See what else we have to offer on our online inventory of high-quality hairpieces for men by calling us at 954-314-3415.