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Ready-to-Wear Hairpieces for Men: How they Work

Hair systems can look just as great as any set of natural hair. Of course, as any fashion-conscious person would tell you, looking great takes a lot of hard work. The designers of these ready-to-wear hairpieces employ some complex techniques to hold everything together while still looking convincing. They rarely ask for recognition. Still, we […]

Dispelling Four More Common Misconceptions About Hairpieces

Hairpieces are more common than many people might expect. Tens of millions of Americans experience hair loss at some point in their lives, and it is only natural that many of them turn to a hair system. Despite this, false beliefs still abound, and they can be persistent. We addressed three such myths about hairpieces […]

Three Famous Men You Never Knew Wore Hairpieces

Tens of millions of people in the present day wear hairpieces for thinning hair on top. As we have described in the past, that includes many of the world’s biggest celebrities. Men can be giants in cinema, music, and sports while still experiencing hair loss or baldness. People commonly consider this an accepted fact. What […]