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Three Famous Men You Never Knew Wore Hairpieces

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Tens of millions of people in the present day wear hairpieces for thinning hair on top. As we have described in the past, that includes many of the world’s biggest celebrities. Men can be giants in cinema, music, and sports while still experiencing hair loss or baldness. People commonly consider this an accepted fact.

What many do not realize is that hairpieces for men have been around for a long time. The list of famous people who use them extends beyond modern entertainment and into the annals of history. Here are three famous figures you never knew wore hairpieces.

Louis XIII of France

You may not be overly familiar with 17th-century French royalty, but Louis XIII changed fashion forever. When he was only 23, he discovered that his hair was falling out. His solution was to wear a wig. The influence of a king can be powerful. Noblemen all over Europe – even those with plenty of natural hair – began sporting one, and the first wigmaker’s guild formed in 1665.

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Louis XIII

Wigs were not simply the fashion among the upper class, but practically a requirement. Even when the French people began chopping off aristocrats’ heads, the wig was here to stay – though for the masses, and in less decadent designs. Ironically, that is the influence of Louis XIII.

Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart may remain the epitome of classic cinema cool. However, as you might expect from a Hollywood actor, he was not what he seemed. For starters, the hair immortalized on Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon was actually a hairpiece. Additionally, and unfortunately for fans of Bogart’s legendary romance with Lauren Bacall, people know about this because of his long-time mistress.

According to the autobiography Bogie and Me: A Love Story, Verita Thompson would carry ten different toupees for him in her briefcase. In fact, Thompson made them herself: she was one of Hollywood’s foremost experts in toupees. Her work contributed to Bogart’s iconic film appearances.

John Adams

Around that time, wearing wigs as a fashion accessory was also falling out of favor in another new republic, the United States. Despite what you may believe, George Washington’s hair was natural. He did powder it white, as was the style of the time, but he was a natural redhead.

John Adams

However, his vice president and successor, John Adams, did wear a wig. He was bald, and it was hardly a secret. According to David McCullough’s celebrated biography, Adams once tore off and stomped on his wig in a fit of rage. Still, due to its purpose of replacing natural hair, some might define John Adams’s topper as a hairpiece.

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