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Three Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces

celebrities who wear hairpieces

Hair loss affects tens of millions of people in the United States, and it is not limited solely to average citizens. Even rich and famous people may have to deal with thinning and baldness. And just like millions of non-rich, non-famous people, quite a few of the world’s most popular personalities conceal this issue with hair systems. At least, they do when the public is watching.

For those in the image-obsessed entertainment industries, this can be a humbling experience. For those on the outside, looking at footage of their work and paparazzi shots, this shows just how good hairpieces for men can look. Here are three examples of celebrities who wear hairpieces.

John Travolta

celebrity hairpieces

This Hollywood veteran has sported some interesting hairstyles in his films, from Danny Zuko’s slicked-up pompadour in Grease to Vincent Vega’s even slicker ponytail in Pulp Fiction. However, his shaved head in 2010’s From Paris with Love and receding hairline in 2012’s Savages indicated his future – or possibly, his present.

Travolta has been seen in public with fading hair and now regularly displays his baldness on Instagram. Despite that, he still makes appearances with a seeming full head of hair – clearly a toupee hairpiece. As his work shows, not even a lack of hair can keep Travolta away from cool and offbeat hairstyles.

Elton John

“The Rocket Man” is well-known for his flashy fashion style, including wild cuts and colors on his mane. All that dying and perming, plus alcoholism and drug abuse, resulted in him losing much of his hair at a relatively young age. Throughout John’s long history of hair loss, he has tried multiple times to undergo restoration surgery. It is unclear whether any of it has panned out.

Despite this, the soon-to-be-retired rock star still seems to sport a shock of hair as he wraps up his final tour. Many believe he uses a hairpiece for thinning hair on top, covering any in-progress work from other treatments. He might yet be more open with his alopecia when he settles down.

Andre Agassi

You may remember the champion tennis player’s gigantic hair from the ‘90s. What you may not know is that is was a hairpiece all along. He famously discussed the matter and his insecurity in his autobiography, Open. In fact, he even blamed his defeat in the 1990 French Open on the hairpiece falling apart in the shower the night before. Proper maintenance is important.

hairpieces for men

At some point, he shaved his head and simply played without a wig, breaking ground in a sport known for flopping manes. Nowadays, he tends to go without anything on his head. With that said, his hairpiece helped make him famous, and many fans still associate him with that mop.

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