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Men’s Hairpieces: What Makes a Good One or Bad One?

We have done quite a few deep dives about men’s hairpieces in this blog. Despite the impression you may get from these analyses, they really are not quite as complicated as novices may believe. You can find good hairpieces for men with relative ease, as long as you can find a trustworthy manufacturer. Of course, […]

Toupees and Hairpieces: Is There a Difference?

Formal speech and writing have more rules and less flexibility than more casual use of a language. The relevant example for us is when people use terms like “toupee” and “hairpiece” interchangeably. This is not much of a problem when conversing with friends, or – hypothetically – writing blog posts for casual readers interested in […]

Hairpiece, Hair System, Toupee: Are They All the Same Thing?

Some time ago, we explored the differences between two terms that are frequently used as synonyms: “hairpiece” and “toupee”. People often use both as synonyms without any awareness of the nuances in their definitions. Knowing the distinctions is crucial if you actually plan to shop for a hairpiece or toupee. However, there are other terms […]