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Hairpiece, Hair System, Toupee: Are They All the Same Thing?

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Some time ago, we explored the differences between two terms that are frequently used as synonyms: “hairpiece” and “toupee”. People often use both as synonyms without any awareness of the nuances in their definitions. Knowing the distinctions is crucial if you actually plan to shop for a hairpiece or toupee.

However, there are other terms that people might use in the same context and with the same definition as “hairpiece” and “toupee.” The most notable of these are “hair system” and “wig”. Do any of these terms mean the same thing? Is there any overlap in any of their definitions? We will answer all these questions and more right here.


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Simply put, a hairpiece is anything that people can wear so that their appearance includes the addition of hair to their head. Hair systems, toupees, and wigs can all be considered hairpieces under this rather broad definition. Of course, they are not to be mistaken for each other – but we will get into that later.

Another common example of a hairpiece is the extension, which adds hair to different parts of the head rather than over the whole scalp. They may be taped on, clipped on, sewn on, or attached through other means. Bangs and ponytails are popular types of extensions. These and other hairpieces for men cost differently, depending on type, materials, and other factors.

Hair System

Hair systems, also known as hair replacement systems, are complex solutions to covering up hair loss on the scalp. They consist of a soft base covered with a full crop of hair. This base can be taped or glued onto the scalp, and the individual hairs can be injected or sewn onto the base.

Ultimately, this means that toupees and wigs could be considered hair systems. However, this term typically refers to something more intricate. These hairpieces are designed not just to present as real hair, but to conceal any signs that the hair is artificial. As a result, hair systems cost more than other hairpieces, but that money goes into exceptional craftsmanship.


Toupees are more specific than the items described with the aforementioned terms. They may be a type of hairpiece or hair system, but they stand out from other types. The distinguishing feature is that they only cover the top of the head – not the sides, nor the back. Toupee costs may be lower than for other hairpieces for this reason.

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As a result, toupees are most useful for those who experience male pattern baldness. The condition typically causes hair to grow thin or disappear altogether at the top while staying more or less the same everywhere else. These folks do not need a hairpiece or hair system that covers everything – only the top.

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