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Toupees and Hairpieces: Is There a Difference?

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Formal speech and writing have more rules and less flexibility than more casual use of a language. The relevant example for us is when people use terms like “toupee” and “hairpiece” interchangeably. This is not much of a problem when conversing with friends, or – hypothetically – writing blog posts for casual readers interested in both.

However, when you order a toupee or hairpiece, you must be able to explain to the designer exactly what you want out of your topper. That requires knowing the right definitions for terms that you might be using without understanding their true meaning. Here is some information on the difference between toupees and hairpieces.

Is There Even a Difference?

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At a glance, there does not seem to be a distinction between toupees and hairpieces. After all, both function as replacements for and/or replicas of natural hair. They consist of a base that rests on the head, with hundreds of genuine or synthetic hairs stitched or injected through. The reason for this is that toupees are, indeed, hairpieces.

Despite these facts, do not be mistaken: the reverse is not true, and the two are not synonymous. Although all toupees are hairpieces, not all hairpieces are toupees. It is, in essence, the same difference as that between toads and frogs, or thumbs and fingers.

What is a Toupee?

The toupee is not simply a hairpiece, but rather a type of hairpiece. If biological metaphors help you understand things, you could say it is a species in the hairpiece genus. One specific characteristic distinguishes it from other types: the toupee hair covers the very top of the head.

This quality makes it excellent for those with male pattern baldness, which leaves that section with much thinner hair than the rest of the head. While the sides of the head retain natural hair, the toupee covers the otherwise exposed scalp and blends in with the rest. 

Other Types of Hairpieces

This leaves us with one question: what other types of hairpieces are there besides the toupee? Many of them augment hair in different ways. Extensions, for example, add long strands to one’s appearance, including in the form of a premade braid. They can even give someone a ponytail in the back, or bangs over the forehead.

These hairpieces can help people whose hair does not grow long enough to naturally produce those styles. People can also use them if they want a braid or ponytail or bangs but still have the option to go without them. Whether it is a toupee or some other kind of hairpiece, all of them can help people with a variety of hair-related needs. That is what they have in common.

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