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Men’s Hairpieces: What Makes a Good One or Bad One?

We have done quite a few deep dives about men’s hairpieces in this blog. Despite the impression you may get from these analyses, they really are not quite as complicated as novices may believe. You can find good hairpieces for men with relative ease, as long as you can find a trustworthy manufacturer.

Of course, there lie the real complications for novices. It can be difficult to discern reliable hairpiece makers from the mediocre or downright fraudulent ones. Moreover, they might have trouble pegging down just what makes for a good hairpiece, as opposed to a bad one. Here is some advice on making that distinction.

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Men’s Hairpieces Should Be Comfortable

Looks are not everything, not even with accessories designed to make you look your best. It is just as important, if not more, that your hairpiece feels comfortable on your head. There is not even an excuse for hairpieces to feel itchy or weird, thanks to technological advancements from the past several decades.

If anyone tries to tell you that a scratchy scalp is just part of life with a hairpiece, they are putting you on. You can don a hairpiece without sacrificing your sense of ease.

The Knots Should Be Hidden

Many hairpiece owners place a great amount of value on the appearance of authenticity. In their eyes, a hairpiece only does its job right if no one can spot the seams. In this case, that idiom can be all too literal.

Many toupees have knots where the hairs attach to the base, and high-quality ones are designed to conceal them. The knots themselves may be bleached to blend in with the hair and the skin, rendering them virtually invisible. When you wear it, ask someone who will know about your hairpiece (and can be honest without being condescending) if they can see the knots.

The Hairpiece Should Resemble Your Natural Hair

Although some people see hairpieces as a chance to reinvent their style, many simply want to restore a familiar look. If you fall into that latter group, you would naturally want the resemblance to be identical, or at least as close as possible to it.

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This is not too much to ask. You can find a hairpiece manufacturer who will let you customize your order so that it replicates how your natural hair once looked. They may ask you questions, show you a variety of options, or even request sample images. In short, they should be just as devoted to making this happen as you.

Where to Get Good Hairpieces for Men

These are only a few standards you may want to consider when trying to distinguish between good or bad hairpieces. They may seem rather basic to some people, but if a hairpiece cannot even match those essential standards, they are not worth considering further.

Here at Hollywood Lace, we care about our customers’ needs and cater to their wants as well. We use comfortable materials, utilize knot concealing techniques, and provide plenty of room for personalization. Reach out to us and let us know exactly what you want, and we will create it and give it to you. To find the perfect hairpiece, complete our online contact form or give us a call at 954-505-7000.