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Ready-to-Wear Hairpieces for Men: How they Work

Hair systems can look just as great as any set of natural hair. Of course, as any fashion-conscious person would tell you, looking great takes a lot of hard work. The designers of these ready-to-wear hairpieces employ some complex techniques to hold everything together while still looking convincing. They rarely ask for recognition. Still, we would like to honor them anyway by revealing what they do.

In the first article of this two-part series, we discussed how ready-to-wear hair systems for men are made. Now, we will conclude by going into detail on how they work in the first place.

How Does the Base Hold the Hair in Place?

Hairpiece designers do not simply paste the hair onto the base. They attach individual hairs to the base by sewing, ventilating, or injecting them. Clever threading and knotting provide at least enough security to keep them on the base, even if turned upside-down or splashed with water.

ready to wear hair systems for men

To be clear, strands of hair will fall out over time – just like they would when naturally growing from someone’s scalp. Thankfully, each strand is attached one by one, preventing whole clumps from falling out at once. Moreover, these techniques, when done well, minimize the rate of hair loss. They also make replacing lost hair quite simple.

How Do Concealing Techniques Work?

If you are looking at lace hair systems with dark hair colors, consider getting the knots bleached. In these particular systems, the knots that hold the hairs onto the base may be rather visible. This optional feature dyes the knots in a slightly lighter shade, which is enough to hide the hair system’s synthetic nature.

The same effect may also be achieved with a little make-up, like powder. This goes not only for knots, but for the perimeter of any high-quality hair system as well. Applying some foundation on both the base and the surrounding skin can create a seamless transition. The illusion removes the last barrier to a highly realistic appearance.

How Do Hair Systems Stay on One’s Head?

Ready-to-wear toupees for men are designed to rest perfectly on the contours of your scalp. However, that alone is not enough to keep it from falling off. If you want your hair system to stick, you will need to add something sticky. Hairpiece adhesives come in two forms: glue and tape.

Glue should be rubbed onto your head, at which point you can press the hair system down on your head. You can also plant the tape on yourself, though some bases can tolerate having tape posted inside them. Regardless of the method, the materials of the base are designed to react positively to the adhesive – though you should still be careful when removing it from your head.

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Ready-to-wear hair systems for men can only function as well as they do through the efforts of the designers. Hollywood Lace’s hairpiece creators are diligent, patient, and masterful. Experience their craftsmanship for yourself with a ready-to-wear hair system from Hollywood Lace. 
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