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Which Hairpiece Is Right for Me?

best hairpieces for thinning crown

Many people believe hairpieces are only a solution for issues related to hair follicles. While this is somewhat of a misconception, there is a kernel of truth to this notion. Numerous individuals indeed acquire crown hairpieces for thinning hair or other medical purposes. While some hairpieces are better for certain conditions than others, how do people know what hair system fits their hairstyle? Of course, each customer wants to match a personalized hairpiece to their circumstances, but what details should a newcomer to hairpieces know? In this article, we will delve into the various hairpiece types and explain what kinds of hairpieces are appropriate matches for particular people. We will answer the question, “Which hairpiece is right for me?”

Crown Hairpieces for Thinning Hair

Hairpieces come in a few different types, each with certain advantages and disadvantages.

If only the top of your head is thinning and you still have plenty of hair in other parts, then you may be a suitable match for a crown hairpiece. This hair system adds volume and fullness to the area of your crown. For many men, the crown of the head is one of the first places to lose hair thickness.

crown hairpieces for thinning hair

Usually, hairpieces of this type stay on your head by clipping to your hair. They are not ideal if you are bald or on the verge of baldness, but they are the best hairpieces for thinning hair. If you customize your system and conceal the knots, it can perfectly blend in with everything else.

Partial Hairpieces for Receding Hairlines

What if your hair issue extends beyond the crown? Maybe the entirety of your head is losing hair equally, exposing the scalp to the elements. Alternatively, you could be losing hair in patches due to alopecia areata or severe stress.

In these cases, a hairpiece encompassing your entire head may be excessive. Luckily, partial hairpieces for receding hairlines and bald patches do exist. These hairpieces are more minimal than your conventional toupee, and they still get the job done. Incidentally, partial hairpieces also require less maintenance.

Silicone Hair Systems for Men with No Hair

Some hairpieces clip onto hair, while others require glue or tape. For bald men, the former option is not possible, and the latter may sound uncomfortable. Thankfully, these are not their only options. A silicone hair system can attach all on its own, and it can hang on tightly.

Using silicone as the primary material allows the base to stretch in a way that other base materials simply cannot. This material has the added benefit of enabling the hairpiece to fit heads of any shape and size. On top of all that, they remain fully breathable for maximum comfort and long-term use, even in warm weather.

crown hairpiece

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