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How Long Does a Men’s Toupee Last?

As you research the best hair replacement systems for you, toupees are likely one of the many options you’re considering. Since this hair system can give you the look of a natural full head of hair, it’s important to understand how long you can expect your toupee to last.

There are several factors that can determine the lifespan of your toupee, which is why you should consider all the components that go into making these stylish hairpieces.

The Average Lifespan of a Toupee

When you investigate how long your toupee will last, it largely depends on the type of lace or skin used as the base. For example, the most natural-looking options available typically last approximately two to three months. More durable toupees with a monofilament base can last much longer, at around six months to a year.

There’s a lot to consider when you think about how long your toupee will last. First, how natural do you want the hairpiece to look? The more natural it looks, the more delicate it will be, which means that it may need to be replaced by day 60 or 90. The experts at Hollywood Lace can easily replicate your existing hair system when you’re ready in order to keep things looking natural and fresh.

Toupee Components

  • Base: The base material of the toupee has the biggest impact on its longevity. For example, a toupee with a delicate Swiss lace base offers a more natural look but won’t last as long as one with a monofilament base, which is more durable.
  • Hair Type: Toupees made of human hair look quite natural, while those made of synthetic hair tend to last a bit longer.
  • Treatment: How your toupee is treated can affect its lifespan. Toupees that are not treated or constantly subjected to hair styling products and heating tools will last longer, for example.
  • Care: Of course, how you take care of your toupee will play a significant role in how long it lasts. Using the proper shampoo and treating it gently will help your toupee last longer than if you use harsh hair care products that contain chemicals and scrub or brush the toupee too roughly.

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