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Hair Systems 101: Can You Sleep in a Toupee?

If you wear a hairpiece like a toupee, you may wonder whether you can sleep with it on. Tossing and turning all night or simply changing positions as you sleep can cause your toupee to look a little wild when you wake up in the morning. Thankfully, taking proper care of your hair system is the best way to ensure that it looks healthy and lasts for a long time, even if you decide to leave it on while you slumber.

Can You Sleep with a Toupee on Your Head?

It’s not uncommon for most people to assume that they can head to bed without taking off their toupee first. However, it’s best to avoid sleeping in a toupee whenever possible to prevent it from becoming tangled or damaged. Sleeping in your toupee will cause it to wear out more quickly — the individual hairs will become loose and fall out in a short amount of time.

Aside from the risk of possible damage to your beautiful hairpiece, sleeping with your toupee can cause it to become frizzy and untamed. When you wake up, your hairpiece might look disheveled and messy. Not only is this a bad look for you, but it will also take more time to safely detangle the hair.

If You Must Sleep in a Toupee

If you absolutely have to sleep with your toupee on, it’s best to be proactive. Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase or wrap your head in a soft cover before you head to bed. This will protect your toupee and keep it from getting tangled up or frizzy while you snooze.

As soon as you wake up, gently comb your toupee thoroughly to remove any tangles or snags. The sooner you can brush it, the better it will look throughout the day. If you notice any flat spots, simply spray your toupee gently with water and fluff it out with your fingers until everything looks even and natural.

Ultimately, it’s best to remove your toupee and store it properly every night before bedtime. Following these tips will help to ensure that your hairpiece lasts a long time and looks natural.

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