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Glued-on vs Taped-on Hairpieces: Which is Better and Why?

Hairpieces do not stay attached to people’s scalps by sheer force of will. Even those of the finest quality require some type of hairpiece adhesive. To be precise, they will require either glue or tape. It may feel strange at first when you put either type on your scalp. As time passes, you will get accustomed to it, especially when you see that it works.

When looking for hairpiece adhesive, many will compare the advantages and drawbacks presented by one type against those of the other type. Here is some information on how glued-on hairpieces compare to taped-on hairpieces.

Benefits of Hairpiece Tape

Hairpiece tape for men’s hair systems is stellar at staying stuck to your scalp. You can actually leave most types of tape on there for much longer than glue-on hairpieces. Those should be removed after a week or two, but the same strip of tape can last more than a month.

glue on hairpieces

If you own a lace hair system, your choice is already made. Glue is simply incompatible with certain base materials, including lace. The wrong combination could significantly weaken the hairpiece’s integrity or even damage it. This is rarely a problem with hairpiece tape. 

Benefits of Glue-On Hairpieces

Tape may be good at many things but glue remains superior when it comes to contouring. Unlike with the strict straight lines of that other adhesive, you can place glue just about anywhere on your scalp or the base and it will work. Tape technology is improving its flexibility, but glue is already there. One thin coat is all you need.

As a result, wearing men’s glue-on hairpieces can ultimately make for an appearance that best replicates real hair. Being able to hold down every inch of the base greatly decreases the risk of the front, or any other part, sticking up and looking out of place.

Why Not Both?

Some hairpiece wearers will definitely prefer to use tape. Some will gravitate toward and feel more comfortable with glue. Neither side is wrong because neither type of hairpiece adhesive is inherently better or worse than the other. Both are designed to keep hairpieces in place, and both can be effective. It just comes down to personal preferences.

On top of that, you do not even need to choose just one. Your scalp and your headpiece have plenty of space for both types. You could apply tape on the perimeter and glue on the base’s underside, or tape down the middle of your scalp and glue everywhere else. Feel free to try out different combinations and see which one is best at securing the system.

mens glue on hairpieces

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