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All You Need to Know About Toupees

You may believe that you know enough about toupees based solely on what other people have said about them. You may also believe that this absorbed knowledge is all that you really need to know. However, most of that “common knowledge” consists of myths. There is more to the toupee than you may believe. Here […]

Three Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces

Hair loss affects tens of millions of people in the United States, and it is not limited solely to average citizens. Even rich and famous people may have to deal with thinning and baldness. And just like millions of non-rich, non-famous people, quite a few of the world’s most popular personalities conceal this issue with […]

Four Common Myths About Hairpieces

Hairpieces have developed quite a negative reputation over time. When most people think of them, they only think of the worst possible examples: the cheapest, fakest, and most embarrassing. The mere idea of getting one makes some men uncomfortable. The idea of being advised to get one is even more mortifying. However, this infamy is […]

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