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What Causes Early Hair Loss in Men?

Hair loss is a natural part of the aging process for most men. However, some experience hair loss sooner than others. As more men suffer from hair loss at a relatively young age, health experts seek to uncover the most common causes of early male hair loss. Understanding the reasons behind your hair loss can help you find the best hair replacement for your needs. View some of the most common factors that contribute to premature hair loss in men here.


Stress is one of the most well-known causes of hair loss, and for good reason. High levels of stress can force your hair follicles to enter a “resting” phase, which means they are unable to produce new strands. As a result, your hair begins to fall out more easily, including when you wash or comb it.


The food you eat also plays a significant role in the health of your hair. If you aren’t getting enough protein through your diet, this can damage perfectly healthy strands and prevent your body from producing new hair follicles. 

Another common culprit is food with a high glycemic index, such as rice, bread, pasta, and sweets. Be sure to limit these foods as much as possible and include plenty of protein- and biotin-rich staples in your diet, like eggs, spinach, fish, nuts, and seeds.

Medical Conditions

In some cases, men who need a hair replacement system have underlying medical conditions. 

It’s important to visit your doctor if you’re struggling with early hair loss so you can receive the proper treatment for any underlying conditions you might have.

Medication or Surgery

If you’ve recently undergone surgery or have been prescribed certain medications, you might struggle with hair loss as a result. Blood thinners, vitamin A supplements, antidepressants, and other common forms of medication may accelerate the hair loss process in young men. Similarly, anesthesia from surgery can trigger early hair loss, although this effect is usually temporary.Early hair loss in men can result from a variety of factors. Being aware of these common causes can help you get to the root of your hair loss. Thankfully, Hollywood Lace is always a viable solution for those looking to restore their full head of hair! Browse the leading male hair replacement systems on our website today or contact us for more information.