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Why Silicone Hair Systems Are a Game-Changer

Innovation in technology is commonly associated with the automobile and the personal computer. As odd as it may sound, the toupee is also constantly undergoing redesign and development. The modern toupee only emerged in the 1950s, and since then, it has become more lifelike, comfortable, customizable, and easy to use. Best of all, it is only getting better as we continue learning and experimenting.

To illustrate what we mean, we need not look any further than the silicone hair system. Here is why this type of toupee is one of the most revolutionary developments in men’s hair systems.

What is a Hair Silicone System?

Silicone is the name for a class of synthetic polymers made from the element known as silicon. When it comes to hair, silicone is most often associated with hair treatment products. These kinds of products are commonly used to make hair smoother and shinier, though this may come at the price of weakening or breakage.

hair silicone system

With that said, silicone can also serve as an excellent base material for a hair system. This does not mean that the individual hairs of the toupee are made from silicone. Rather, silicone is the sole or primary ingredient in the construction of the cap to which the hairs are attached.

Silicone System Hair Benefits

The silicone hair system offers a wide variety of benefits. Due to the nature of the silicone compound, hair systems of this type are both soft and durable. They will feel quite comfortable on your scalp for long periods without being as vulnerable as other systems of similar softness. They are also fully breathable, adding to the level of comfort you would experience. 

One significant advantage is that no glue or tape is necessary to attach the silicone hair system. Instead, the base can stretch to fit any scalp. (Curiously, this means that the base may look too small for your head, though it only looks that way.) This ease of use may mean that the hair silicone system’s price is slightly higher than that of other kinds. However, you get what you pay for in terms of comfort, convenience, and saving on other products you would otherwise need. 

Silicone bases may also be ideal for those who prioritize a realistic appearance. They can be difficult for the average person to spot, especially if they are not already looking for evidence of a toupee. As any good hair system should, this type looks completely natural and even moves and behaves much like naturally-growing hair.

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Order a Customized Hair Silicone System Today

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