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All You Need to Know About a Custom Hair System

custom hair system

Hair systems have come a long way since the invention of the first modern hairpiece in the 19th century. They more closely resemble natural hair than ever before, due not only to the use of natural hair in hairpieces but because the designs are better at concealment. Plus, new materials and manufacturing methods make wearing a hairpiece more comfortable.

Perhaps the best innovation of all is the sheer level of personalization that hairpiece makers can offer to their clients. Not long ago, men had to settle for stock toupees that didn’t necessarily match their previous, natural appearance. Now, you can customize almost every aspect of a toupee to match your preferences. Here is everything you need to know about a custom hair system.

Elements of Custom Hair Replacement Systems

custom hair replacement systems

There are many ways that hairpiece weavers can approach their craft. One manufacturer alone may offer a wide variety of models with significant variations between them. Those dissimilarities increase with customer requests.

Sometimes the differences are the hair itself. Some hairpieces utilize authentic human hair, while others use synthetic follicles. In addition to choosing between these types, customers can choose how much hair they desire. Density can vary from thin to light to medium and more. Finally, they can select a set of threaded, ventilated, or injected strands of hair for the layers of the base. All these choices affect the level of care required for the hairpiece.

Of course, there is also the system itself. The base material can be French lace, silicone, or light monofilament. Each kind comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. With that said, all hairpiece designs strive for comfort and realism, and what is not suitable for one person might be perfect for someone else. The system may be inherently adhesive or require the use of adhesive products. Depending on the materials, they might even stay on by stretching to fit the scalp.

Matching Requests

Once a customer submits a request, the manufacturer can determine the best options for matching the different elements of a custom hair replacement system to that order. They can decide which material, hair type, hairstyle, and hair system model best suit the customer’s needs. Then, they go over the options with the customer and receive feedback on the ideas. After both parties finalize the agreement, the manufacturer can get to work with a clearer path.

custom hair systems for men

Some people do not just have an idea in mind, but a reference that the hairpiece maker can use. It may be a photo of how their hair once looked or an image they found online. Either way, if you give the craftsperson access to a genuine visual, they can tailor the hairpiece to match its appearance. It can make the job much easier, and the result is more likely to be what the customer desires.

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