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How to Care for Your Hairpiece

Your hairpiece doesn’t just make you look good. It also makes you feel good. A hair system is an investment in your looks, confidence, and self-esteem. It would be a shame to see your high-quality silicone hair system wrecked from improper care. That’s why we have created this short list of care tips for your hairpiece.  

Keep it Clean

A greasy hair system isn’t very functional or eye-catching. The more dirt that builds up on your hairpiece, the more problems you’ll have attaching the system to your head. That’s why it’s important to keep it clean! But washing your hairpiece isn’t the same as washing your natural hair. You must be gentle on all accounts, from washing to brushing to drying. Make sure you don’t wash your hairpiece too often, either! This causes hair to quickly dry out and shed. 

Gentle Care Does It

Pretend your hair system is as delicate as a baby when you’re taking care of it. If you’re used to rubbing your hair dry with the first towel you grab after a shower, that’s a habit you have to kick to the curb right now. Excessive force will undoubtedly ruin your beautiful hairpiece because it will cause the hair to fall out prematurely. Be gentle in every action you take. Wash it with high-quality products. Detangle it by brushing from the bottom and working your way up. And don’t squeeze out excess water like you’re wringing a cloth. 

Use the Proper Tools

You spend a lot of money to rock flawless-looking hair every day. Why ruin an awesome product by using improper tools? There are a lot of hair products that are made specifically for hair system care. Take the time to research these tools, because these will work best to preserve your hairpiece. On the same note, stay away from heating products, like blow dryers or flat irons. These will singe hair that can’t be renourished through the body’s natural oils, until it becomes brittle and breaks. 

Keep Harsh Chemicals Away

Nowadays, it’s been proven time and again that harsh chemicals are more dangerous than they are beneficial. The same rule applies to your hairpiece. Chemicals can literally destroy your hairpiece when used in excess. It’s best to use natural cleaners when caring for your hairpiece. So, stay away from shampoos, conditioners, or other hair products that have sulfates and parabens in them. 
Keep your custom hair system in pristine condition by following your provider’s care tips and tricks. Visit our FAQ section to learn more, or contact one of our representatives today.