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How Cut, Styled, and Ready-to-Wear Hair Systems are Made

ready to wear hair systems

“Hair system” may seem like a rather slick name, but there is a reason for using this term beyond marketing. This is no ordinary hairpiece – it consists of several components, intricately connected to produce a greater, stronger whole. Custom hair systems, in particular, require a great deal of work for them to fulfill both their intended purpose and the customer’s desires.

Here at Hollywood Lace, our men’s hair systems experts are ready to present information on how cut, styled, and ready-to-wear hair systems are made.

Are You Taking This Down?

Although stock hairpieces are available for purchase, plenty of designers – like us – accept requests for custom hair systems. When someone places an order, they specify every detail they desire from the final product. In return, they give the designer all the details about their scalp, describing every curve and every measurement. The designer then takes all of that information and builds the hair system from the ground up, or in this case, from the base up.

custom hair replacement systems

All About That Base

The base serves as the foundation for the whole project and comes first in the creation process. Different skins or laces could be used to create it. No matter which is used, the designer crafts it so that it perfectly fits atop the intended wearer’s scalp, flowing perfectly with each contour. Color, thankfully, is not a problem because the bases are designed to be transparent – although that, too, can be customized depending on the materials.

Hair There and Everywhere

After taking care of the system’s base, the hair itself can be added. The customer can choose between authentic and synthetic hair, after weighing their respective benefits and downsides. For their part, the designer matches the new hair to a sample of the wearer’s natural hair. They can also style it to match how the natural hair used to look back when there was more of it. Each and every individual strand is either threaded or injected into the base.

Just Blend In

Making the hair one with the base is hard work, and the combination may look great on the head-shaped mannequin. And yet, one last step remains before it can look great on an actual human head. Every hair system needs some kind of concealer to hide where the artificial meets the actual skin. Said concealer is either built into the system or applied when one puts on the hair system (or, ideally, both). When done right, people who do not know you are wearing a hair system will be utterly unable to identify it.

custom hair systems for men

Order Custom-Made Hair Systems at Hollywood Lace

Hair system designers put in significantly more work and time into each custom hair system for men. However, their effort is clear in the results, which look far better than conventional hairpieces. If you are interested in personalizing and acquiring your own system, Hollywood Lace’s artisans can help you out. You can choose everything: base materials and size, hair type and color and length and style and so on. Place an order today or call 954-859-1280, and our team can get started right away.