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How Do I Care for My Custom Men’s Hair System?

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Men’s hairpieces are designed for durability and longevity. Their goal is to present themselves as natural hair for as long as possible. With that said, even the best men’s hairpieces have their limits. Hair systems may need to be replaced every several months or so.

The exact length of time may depend on the materials for the base and the hair. You could also stretch it out well past the expected time with proper system care. Here is some information on how to do maintenance for your custom men’s hair system.

Comb and Wash

Much of the best advice for hair system maintenance can be boiled down to “treat it like you would treat your natural hair.” Take combing, for example. It does more than shape the system into different hairpiece hairstyles. It can also work to undo present tangles and prevent them from tangling again. Just be careful not to comb too much, or the teeth might just take the hairs with them.

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Moreover, washing is vital for increasing the lifespan of your hair system. It is as simple as washing natural hair, only really requiring shampoo and conditioner. It might actually be easier because you can remove the system before entering the shower. You may want to look into products designed for the special needs of hair systems.

Oil is Important

The human body produces natural oils that help head hair stay strong. Without those oils, the hair may quickly become brittle and prone to breaking off. The same is true for hair systems. They cannot receive the benefits of those natural oils, so they are at greater risk of getting dry and falling out.

You can prevent this by supplying oil from a different source. Before putting your hairpiece away for the night, coat the ends of the hairs with olive oil. Yes, like the kind one might use for cooking. It should serve as a suitable substitute and keep the hair safe from drying out.

Carefully Remove Adhesive

Despite what we wrote earlier about treating hair systems like natural hair, some issues are unique to hair systems. Case in point: the adhesive you use to keep it on your head. At some point, you have to remove the hair system. You should also remove any residue from the old adhesive or it will stick to the base in a bad way.

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If you use glue, you could actually stick the bottom of the base to a glass surface and peel it off. Apply isopropyl alcohol to the residue that remains on the surface, and repeat until it is all gone. This works for lace-hair systems—skin-based ones simply require applying some citrus oil-based remover to the bottom of the base, then shampooing and rinsing. Tape adhesive is much simpler: just carefully peel it back.

Men’s Hairpiece Repair from Hollywood Lace

Hollywood Lace offers far more than the best men’s hairpieces on the market. We also lend our expertise to hair system repair services, which can prolong your favorite piece’s lifespan. We can handle replacement hairs, patches on the base, and even full-blown refurbishment. If you do not want to give up on your old hair system yet, look into our services straight away. Contact us today at 954-859-1280.