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Three Famous Men You Never Knew Wore Hairpieces

Tens of millions of people in the present day wear hairpieces for thinning hair on top. As we have described in the past, that includes many of the world’s biggest celebrities. Men can be giants in cinema, music, and sports while still experiencing hair loss or baldness. People commonly consider this an accepted fact. What […]

Glued-on vs Taped-on Hairpieces: Which is Better and Why?

Hairpieces do not stay attached to people’s scalps by sheer force of will. Even those of the finest quality require some type of hairpiece adhesive. To be precise, they will require either glue or tape. It may feel strange at first when you put either type on your scalp. As time passes, you will get […]

“Do I Really Need a Hair System?” Yes, and Here’s Why

No one needs to feel ashamed about hair loss. For many millions of people around the world, it is natural and a part of life. Bad habits, random chance, and genetic inevitability may all cause someone to experience this condition. Moreover, you are your own person, and you do not need to bend to social […]

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