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Each month we are going to ask Bill, the President/CEO of Hollywoodlace, question(s) about Hair Systems. This section will be labeled, “Ask Bill”. We hope many of these topics and discussions you will find helpful. Please feel free to contribute.Thanks.

Hollywood Lace is recognized as the number one Hair System provider in the world today. They offer the highest quality Hair Systems to the public at wholesale pricing. To achieve this, they use only the highest grade of Human Remy Hair, finest materials, proprietary innovation, and un-paralleled expert craftsmanship for each and every Hair System made.

If you would like to participate, kindly submit questions to and your question may be chosen and/or Bill may answer it directly via email. At Hollywood Lace, we appreciate your interest in these subjects and participation.

What is the Best Method To Apply A Hollywood Lace Hair System? “Ask Bill”

“Bill, should I use Hairpiece Tape or Toupee Glue when applying my Hair System. What is the best method?” – Jim W. (Palm City, Florida)

That is a great question Jim. We get asked this question all the time. First, let me say, it depends on what your Hair Systems needs are. Some people take their Hair System off each and every night, while many others are extended Hair System wearers.

For daily wearers we recommend only using tape. We suggest using a tape like Sensi-Tak Red Liner. This type of Hair System attachment will allow you to get enough hold, but it’s not too hard on your Hair System.

For extended wearers there is always a debate between tape and glue. Essentially this comes down to personal preference, no choice is right or wrong. Tape is great because it is easier to apply, less messy, and can offer a more consistent hold. Its biggest advantages is that it allows the Hair System to lay down flatter and is the only method that can truly provide a 100% undetectable hairline.

In conclusion, the best answer to this question is why not get the best of both worlds and use the most advantageous features of each? Applying the glue to the front section and then tape for the rest of the Hair System. In doing so you will achieve a perfect hairline without mess and an easy application process. Read below for the method described for this Hair System attachment.

Place your Hair System on your head and trace your front hairline with a water-soluble black board marker, temple to temple. (Your hairline should start four fingers above your eyebrows).
Then, take off the Hair System and apply Max Adhesive Ascend or Walker Ultra Hold Glue from the line you drew to about one inch back. (Apply this in a very thin layer).
Next, while the glue is drying in the front, this takes about 3 minutes (will get tacky), apply tape Walker Non Shine and/or Super Tape all the way around your Hair System. Apply it to the edge in the back and the sides. In the front section place the tape about 1/3 inches off the front.
Finally, when you’re finished the above steps, you are ready to place down your Hair System. Before doing so, spray a little alcohol on top of scalp area. This will prevent the glue and tape from adhering for about 20 seconds giving you time to make sure you have placed it correctly.

Now you have a perfectly placed and attached Hair System. The front section is undetectable, and the back and sides are down comfortably for a few weeks.

Please, if you have any questions about quality Hair Systems, attachment methods, or hair system customization, reach out to the professionals at Hollywood Lace at 954-505-7000.

** Certain Hair Systems such as the “Thinnest Invisible Skin” only glue should be used. This is due to the fact that using tape on the “Thinnest Invisible Skin” would cause tears when taking on and off. If you have any specific questions regarding attachment of your specific Hair System please contact us at or 954-505-7000.