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 Photos of Celebrities

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Many famous stars have worn or are currently wearers. Our goal is not to take away the privacy of a star, but to recognize how important a nice set of hair is and has been. Would John Wayne have been the "Duke" without his hairpiece or would Humphrey Bogart have been "Bogie" without his? Would George Burns be George Burns without his hair piece. Well, maybe. :)

In the early days Max Factor was the person in Hollywood who helped the stars such as John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, George Burns, Bing Crosby and hundreds of other actors to a healthy head of hair. Below are some pictures of the top actors of today that are rumored to wear or have worn hair systems. Since we don't service all these actors ourselves we of course can't confirm :)

John Travolta John Travolta
Nicholas Cage Nicholas Cage
Brendan Fraser Brandon Fraser
Jack Klugman Jack Klugman
Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven
Joe Pesci Joe Pesci
Sean Connery Sean Connery

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