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Super Fine Swiss Lace w/ Invisible Knots

The Super Fine Swiss Lace w/Bleached Knots (optional) is one of the lightest, most invisible full lace hair system available. This hair system is geared for those who demand a perfect undetectable hairline. We use single standing combined with a new knot concealing method to make knots appear invisible. This allows you to wear your best density and hairstyle not having to worry about detectability... The hair system is so perfect it literally becomes part of your scalp. It is fully breathable and you treat it like your own hair... wash, condition, and have fingers run through it. We also apply a weightless sealant on our Ultra Super Fine Swiss Lace Invisible Knot Hair System to give it extra durablity, less hair pull through, and a longer adhesion. To improve adhesion some like to order it with a side and back or full poly perimeter.

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