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 Hair Color

OPTIONS: Hair Systems | Basics | Color | Wave/Curl | Density | Styles | Types | Fitting
FAQs: General Questions | Attachment & Removal | Fitting & Sizing | System Care | Accessories
Only to be used as a reference. Send in a sample of your hair and we can do a perfect match. Please note all grays will be synthetic by default unless you request human for gray hair in box on order form

1 Jet Black                          1B Black/Brown                 2 Darkest Brown                3 Dark/Medium Brown

4 Medium/Brown              5 Medium/light Brown         6 Meduim/Light Brown       7 Light Brown

17 Very Light Brown         18 Blonde                            21 Golden Blonde               23 Blonde

1B 5% Gray Black             1B 35% Gray                      1B 50% Gray                     1B 95% Gray

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